Social Media Marketing – How to Put Yourself in Front of Your Traffic

Social media marketing is an excellent way to find out where your potential customers and clients are hanging out and then go over there and make yourself known. When done in an informative and non-intrusive way you can set yourself up as a knowledgeable person to turn to for answers.

Here are 5 places you can go to look for your customers …

Blogs – look for blogs in your niche, check them out to find out who has lots of interaction and comments. Read the conversations that are happening and watch where you can make intelligent comments or ask questions specific to the post. Keep an eye on these blogs, go back the topics being discussed are in your specific niche. Keep an eye on the conversations of others, keep asking yourself "Where can I add value?"

Forums – many people today join forums to get answers to their questions, I personally use them as a "go to" source, an area where I can find other experts. Again you want to watch in the beginning do not just jump in like a "bull in a china shop", because you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Figure out where you can start answering questions, where you will be well received.

Press release – written material that announces an event, new blog, book, article; something newsworthy. People are always looking for a good story, just make sure that your press release in not just a glorified advertisement for your business. Write something newsworthy. Check out the press release site, watch and learn what others are writing about.

Social media marketing – takes time to build your friends and following lists, but is well worth it. On Facebook you can join groups or pages where you know you will be involved. Again you want to answer questions and share good information you have found or written yourself with the rest of the group. Twitter moves at a much faster pace, but the concept is the same. Answer questions and post good information!

Syndication – there are many groups popping up on the internet that you can join to get real people to spread your "stuff". In turn you will "syndicate" their information too. The power here is real activity on your blog, people are commenting; people are RT'ing your tweets, people are "Liking" your Facebook Page. Think of it in terms of a brick and mortar store … when it is empty when you walk by are you likely to go in and browse? VS when it is full and there is a real buzz happening? I know that I am going to go to the place where something is happening, it looks like more fun and if other people have found it interesting I just might too. Your business on-line works the same way.

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